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Friday, July 8, 2011

07/08/2011 - New GTA: San Andreas First Person Driving Mod
New GTA: San Andreas First Person Driving Mod

Despite the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, there is a still a ton of interest in its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Dedicated modding communities have taken this game to its limits creating new characters, new abilities, new environments, or in this case, giving players a new perspective on an old idea.

First Person Mods for San Andreas have been around for a while. This is a concept that was originally planned for GTA:SA but was never fully realized. Eventually the FPS driving camera would be used in GTA IV. However San Andreas fans didn't want to be left out of the fun. Modders created their own first person camera driving mod for San Andreas, building on the work originally started by Rockstar Games. This is the newest version of the mod. It has seen a lot of tweaks and improvements since it was first released on the GTA modding scene many years ago.

There are many who would argue that San Andreas is the best chapter in the GTA series. No matter how you feel about the subject, the game still has a devout following almost 8 years after its initial release. We can only hope that next installment of the GTA franchise is as fun and as captivating as San Andreas.

Submitted By: DigThatBox/YouTube

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

07/07/2011 - Atari Flashback 3: Update 2
Atari Flashback 3: Update #2
New Box Design, New Details, Estimated Ship Date


A new box for the Atari Flashback 3 has appeared on the web. We have also learned some new details about the product, including a potential ship date.

First up is the new box. Allegedly this image is very close to the final package design. We have also learned the product is expected to ship in early August, around the first of the month. If the ship date is true then we assume the product has already completed its manufacturing cycle. We have even been told by one distributor that it is currently "on the boat" from China.

Prototype Box

Unfortunately it does appear the rumored SD card support has been removed from the final unit. We were told retailers wanted the SD card support removed because "they thought it would confuse consumers." Although that excuse might sound strange, in my personal experience, that's exactly the sort of thing you would hear from retail buyer.

However there is one odd thing about this decision. AtGames also produces the Sega Genesis "Gopher" portable game system which has SD card support. The exclusion of this feature has caused a lot of disappointment in the Atari fan community. It certainly a move that is sure to cost makers of this product a ton of potential sales. We can only hope a there will be a possible "Atari Flashback 3+" that will correct this major error.


We have also learned that the product is being produced by AtGames. According to this press release, AtGames is producing a number of Sega and Atari branded products. They are being distributed by various regional partners around the globe, in this case the Canadian distributor is HRS Global.

Atari Nano (Red) - Sega Sonic Nano (Blue)

AtGames is particularly well known for their many Sega branded products, which include portable game systems and plug and play consoles. They are also producing this Atari branded nano controller. (shown above) This product shares the same design as the Sega branded nano controllers, which are already on the market.


Still, despite all the evidence there are still many people who still believe this product is hoax. One website, Zavvi.com, has even cancelled recent orders for the Atari Flashback 3. Multiple users on the AtariAge.com forums have received a similar cancellation e-mail claiming the product is "no longer available at their suppliers." The strange thing is, the web site never had the product in stock in the first place. The controversy around this product continues to grow as we approach the potential early August release date.


You might also remember from our previous update that we addressed some fairly serious quality issues with the new console. We are happy to learn that the demo unit we sampled at E3 was indeed a very early prototype, and is in no way reflective of the final product. Were hoping to make our final judgment when the Atari Flashback 3 arrives at our office later in the month. Stay tuned for future updates.

Submitted By: Dr Gonzo

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

07/06/2011 - Pro Evo Soccer Finals In Cologne, Germany
Cologne: The Home of Football
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH announces Cologne to host PES World Finals 2011
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that it will hold its annual PES World Finals in Cologne this year, with the prestigious competition taking place as the gaming industry gathers for gamescom, Europe’s premier video game showcase.

The PES World Finals 2011 brings the current PES 2011 season to an end, and will see the world’s greatest PES players gathered for a huge knock-out tournament. Entrants from Europe, Asia and America will gather for a series of matches between August 17th-19th. The tournament will open with a gala party that precedes the full competition, which will take place in Cologne’s KölnSky venue – a 27th floor location that offers striking views of the beautiful city.

KONAMI has been hosting PES competitions since more than a decade, and each major territory has official leagues that are used to determine the World Final competitors. About 30 players are expected to take part this year. The attendees will all compete on the PlayStation®3 version of PES 2011, with a series of groups giving way to knock-out competitions to determine the ultimate champion.

“gamescom welcomes thousands of ardent video game fans to Cologne, so it is a fitting venue for the end of the PES 2011 season,” offered Martin Schneider, General Manager of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “We expect competition to be fierce at this year’s competition – especially with the eyes of gamescom attendees on them all.”

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

07/05/2011 - Token Mailing Begins Today!
Token Tuesday 2011
Token Mailing Begins Today!


Token Tuesday is here! We are proud to announce that today we begin mailing tokens as part of our 2011 Arcade Token Give-Away. In the coming weeks we will ship tokens to over 500 of our lucky online readers. Tokens will be mailed in batches of 100, with the first batch of 100 being sent out this morning. All 500+ tokens will be mailed by the end of July. So keep checking our newswire until the end of the month for future updates.

"Gallery" Was The Secret Word:

Here's how it worked. The first 100 people who included the word "Gallery" in the subject line of their email will get both our Silver (2011) and Gold (2010) tokens. The other 400 readers will get only the 2011 Silver Token.

However, we didn't want anyone to feel left out, so we chose another 50 people at random to receive both tokens. This is for people who couldn't find the secret word, or for those of you who were late in sending the request email. So even if you didn't make it before the cut off, there is still a chance you will get both tokens!


YouTube Fans Get A Special Bonus:

We also ran a secret promotion on our YouTube channel. The first 50 people who sent us an email with the word "youtube" in their subject line will also be chosen to receive both tokens.

Tokens By The Numbers:

In 2010 we produced 5,000 custom made, high quality, shiny brass gold tokens. In 2011 we upped the ante and produced 3,000 luxurious, nickel plated silver tokens. The silver tokens were produced at much greater cost, which is why they were limited to a smaller amount. Silver tokens will not be produced again. The grand total of DigThatBox.com tokens in circulation is 8,000.

Over 500 fans will receive at least one of our tokens in the mail. On a side note, when you order custom coins, you often will get an additional 20 to 50 tokens just in case you get a few that are misprints. Fortunately our partners at Tokens Direct do such outstanding work that almost every token we received was flawless! So we are sending out the additional tokens to our loyal fans. As of now the exact number of people receiving tokens in the mail is 577.

First Reader Request Gets Special Prize:

K. Wallace was the first reader to submit his request email. For this reason will be sending Mr Wallace a nice bonus prize, just for being so quick to act. As they say, the early bird gets the worm! (Or in this case, the tokens!)

Special Thanks To Everyone:

We here at DigThatBox.com would like to sincerely thank everyone we met at E3 and everyone who submitted a request for a token. We love doing this promotion and we love making people happy. We want to do everything we can to promote the industry, arcades, and gaming culture. You are the wonderful people who make this all possible. Without your support none of this would happen. Your support means the world to us. We sincerely thank you for your interest in our custom made arcade tokens. See you next year!

Submitted By: DigThatBox.com Staff

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